The Proper Upkeep and Maintenance of A Trailer

The Proper Upkeep of A trailer

Trailer ownership is a great thing, whether the trailer is for business or for private hauling. However, similar to any other machinery and equipment the trailer requires proper and regular maintenance. The upkeep and maintenance require that one be fully committed and alert. Although this is tedious work, it can be done in an easier manner. Below are some pointers that assist in trailer maintenance and ensure longer life and efficiency.



Brake maintenance

It is crucial to basically know that the tires and brakes of a trailer undergo massive tear and wear while in use. Furthermore this can be increased by accumulation of dust on the wheel drums. This then demands that regular maintenance is done to these parts. Thorough washing and cleaning has to be done to these parts to remove the dust. When replacing them, ensure that the wheel cylinders and hardware are also replaced.


Electrical components

Regular checking of the lights on the trailer will be a good measure of the efficiency of the electrical condition of your trailer. If the lights such as the brake lights are not working seamlessly, this could be a pointer that all is not well. Check and replace the plugs, since the wiring and the plugs could have gone rusty due to dust or loose from heavy vibrations.


All bearings ball and round must be well lubricated to avoid metal wearing out during movement. When lubricating these parts, ensure that all springs too are lubricated.

Regular greasing of the Coupler

The coupler, the locking mechanisms and the tongue jack must be regularly greased to prevent them from stiffening the latch.

Maintenance work on a trailer and any other automotives is no white collar endeavor but a necessary undertaking to the efficiency of your tow-drive. Also ensure that the pressure on your car and trailer are even for this reduces motion resistance and increases fuel efficiency.


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